Saturday, June 4, 2011

Diseases of the Siamese cats

siamese cats
Siamese cats are generally healthy breed cats and often with good care and live up to 20 years. However, like most breeds, some lines have a genetic disease. Such diseases is a hereditary amyloidosis of the liver, which may ultimately lead to liver failure in siamese cats.

In addition, there are cases of cardiomyopathy, increased cardiac muscle in siamese cats, but this disease causes less concern than the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, heart disease in other breeds.

In addition, some breed lines have a high predisposition to breast cancers that have spread rapidly over the next glands and lymph nodes. Fortunately, the sterilization of siamese cats up to six months of age reduces the risk by 91 per cent, up to one year of age by 86 percent after two years does not reduce the risk of disease.

In addition, the Siamese cats exposed to the formation of plaque, gingivitis and other dental diseases.

Occasionally, a Siamese cat meets the so-called "Siamese squint."

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