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Siamese cats major problems, tips and tricks

siamese cats
Why can not feed milk Siamese cats?

In general, adult siamese cats, and not just siamese cats, but other breeds, do not assimilate lactose, which can cause diarrhea.

The siamese cats kitten runs around on the carpet, on curtains. What should I do? How to teach him not to run, where not?
Currently, the siamese cats store sold a lot of money to scare the animal from the objects. They are imported and do not cause illness in animals. You can try to spray the curtains and the carpet one of these funds. You should also make it clear to the siamese cats kitten that you are unhappy with his actions.

Can you knit Siamese cats with the cats one after the other? What should be a break between the viscous a young cat?

During mating with a male siamese cats are very tired, and it requires a pretty good vacation after that. I think that the break between the viscous to be very minimal 1.5-2 weeks.

Is it possible to combine the processed feeds (dry-canned food) and at the same time give soups, milk, potatoes, etc?

I would recommend that you feed the Siamese cats dry pet food professional, combined with that you can canned. "Whiskas" food is economy class. It is relatively inexpensive, but it does not contain enough vitamins and minerals. Currently, the pet food sold premium and super-premium (Hills, Ekanuba, Iams, Pro Plan, etc.) that you can purchase according to their physical capabilities. With regard to natural products, the Siamese cats can give boiled chicken, raw meat (beef), etc. is strictly forbidden to feed the cat pork. Milk can cause diarrhea in cats, as Most adult siamese cats do not digest lactose.

At what age do kittens finally painted Points to determine the color?

After three weeks you will be able to determine what color is your Siamese cats kitten. As they get older kitten Conversions will acquire a more intense shade.

Is there a Siamese cats with no tail and is called?

Siamese cats without tails do not exist. There is a separate breed, "Thai (Mekong) bobtail." These cats are Siamese cats, and they have a very short tail.

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