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Siamese cats diet

siamese cat diet
Siamese cats diet starts from the earliest days of life, a kitten in your house, try to include in your siamese cat diet a variety of foods (not only meat and fish, but also fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, etc.).

In food Siamese cats are very conservative

They do not like to change once and for all established habits, so that later your pet will always receive adequate nutrition.

Along with the food your cat will have to obtain protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Their ratio in siamese cats diet must be carefully balanced, because the lack of, or alternatively, the excess of any component can lead to serious physiological disorders.

Especially siamese cats need protein

This substance provides a fast growth and proper development of the body, lack of protein causes muscle atrophy, affects the quality of blood and other proteins of animal origin are especially rich in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, liver, kidney and milk products. Vegetable proteins are also essential for the organism, found in soy products and nutritional yeast for siamese cats.

Ensure your siamese cat diet with protein of any one product (for example, some cat owners only feed them fish or meat) would be inappropriate and even harmful. Meals should include a variety of animal sources of protein, and this is particularly important when it comes to young growing organism.

The greatest number of calories the food contains rich in carbohydrates. Their absence can cause exhaustion, but do not go to the other extreme, excess carbohydrates often leads to obesity. Therefore, the amount in siamese cat diet foods such as breads, cereals, grains, potatoes, should be limited.

The same applies to fats - another important source of vital energy. Most of the products of both animal and vegetable origin contain this component, but its use should also not be excessive.

In addition to the nutrients for the normal functioning of all body systems a growing siamese kitten needs different micro-and macronutrients. Especially needed are animal minerals such as phosphorus and calcium that promote the proper development of bones and strengthening bone tissue. These elements are contained in food, but in insufficient quantities, so the growth of the pet should be added to the feed phosphorus and calcium.

It is important to ensure that the food your siamese kitten was balanced. Indeed, lack of a required component may cause a delay in growth (if still a little Siamese) or to the disease.

In addition, the body needs cat in such elements as potassium, magnesium and sodium. Iron, manganese, iodine, copper and zinc should also be kept in animal feed, but in moderation.

When feeding, Siamese cat, be aware that it receives the food should be rich in vitamins. Their lack of extremely negative impact on animal health:

For example, a lack of vitamin A affects the work of the digestive tract, and deficiency of vitamins leads to disruption of the immune system. However, it is important to remember also that the excess of vitamins can cause serious harm cats. Therefore, calculating their dosage individually for each animal, it is best to consult your veterinarian.

Oil, beef liver, egg yolk are rich in vitamin A, which protects the mucous membranes. Also, these foods are rich in vitamin A, influences the development of bone tissue. In the liver, heart, kidney, and dry yeast is a high concentration of vitamin B1, regulating metabolism in tissues and organs of the animal.

Vegetable products - such as wheat germ, - provide the body with vitamin E. Its cats lack promotes dystrophy, slowing the formation of tissue, breaks the fat balance. Therefore, vitamin E must be present in the siamese diet of growing siamese kittens. However, the excess weight of its contents can cause serious physiological disorders, and therefore should be carefully calculate the dosage.

Also, Siamese cats need vitamin H, improves immunity and prevents the development of infections and inflammatory processes (found in liver, kidney, egg yolk, dry yeast) and vitamin K, a beneficial influence on the state of the blood.

In order for a cat to be healthy and feel good, it needs not only carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins and minerals

In some cases (for example, in the process of recovery, with a shortage of nutrients and dysplasia) levels of vitamins in food may be high enough, then we must introduce them to the animal by artificial means. But by adding some food whatever the elements are always encouraged to follow the advice of experts.

Many owners of Siamese cats prefer different industrial feeds, which are now commercially available in a wide range. No doubt they are very easy to use and provide all the necessary animal diet for healthy living components. However, when such food should be especially careful: with such a huge variety of very high risk to acquire a low-quality product that can cause serious health problems your pet.

Online, there are two main types of industrial cat food: dry, available in packs, and moist - in sealed metal cans. As dry and wet food can be balanced and complex. The first fully satisfy dietary needs of cats and do not require the introduction of the diet of any additives. While the latter is a supplement to the basic siamese cat diet and have a taste value.

Many cats are Siamese breed happy to eat prepared food.

The advantage of dry food to wet is the first in a lower cost. In addition, this product does not require a dosage Siamese can eat dry food completely independently. Another undoubted advantage is that the feeding of dry aggregates promotes natural cleansing tooth cats, so you will not have to worry about taking care of the oral cavity pet.

Despite these positive qualities, vets still do not recommend that cat owners make pets a diet of dry food exclusively. It is believed that abuse of this product is dangerous for cats development of urological diseases - such as cystitis (females) and urethritis (for males).

If you do chose the dry feed, be aware that they contain a very small amount of moisture, which means that your Siamese need regularly and get unlimited fresh drinking water.

Before you purchase dry food should be carefully studied its packaging. Particular attention should be paid to these there is a release date and shelf life.

Wet feed is characterized by a longer shelf life, as in their manufacture all the components are heat treated. They have a very high taste qualities and thus do not leave indifferent even the most demanding Siamese.

Whatever kind of commercial cat food you choose, you must first take care of the quality of the product that make it useful for the animal's health. Always remember that quality food is not cheap: the price is too low usually raise suspicions.

Different types of bowls for water and feed
Try not to buy food, consisting of any colors and flavors: their use can cause the cat's food allergies. Ingredients are usually listed on the package.

Very important is the correct choice of dishes for feeding animals. First of all, it should be easy: difficulty eating may be harmful to health cats. For solid food is better to use robust shallow bowl, for the liquid - the usual saucer to dry food - a deeper capacity. Of course, after every meal utensils should be washed thoroughly.

Diet Siamese cats in various stages of her life is different. Thus, the siamese kitten diet significantly different from feeding an adult cat. During pregnancy, your cat may need a special diet. If a cat is sick, she will also need a more balanced diet.

An adult cat should eat regularly and get all of the above foods rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Determine whether you are feeding your pet, we can look. Adult Siamese cat should weigh about 3,6-5 kg ​​cat - 2,7-4 kg. If the weight exceeds the norm of Siamese cat, it means that he is obese and the number of daily food should be limited, if not up to standards - it is necessary to give him more food.

Siamese Cat should be vigorous and energetic, with clean, bright and shiny coat, lying close to the skin. The body should be muscular and flexible. If the wool mat, hanging scraps, cat act vertebrae, selected stomach, so it lacks any vitamins and minerals.

In this case, we can recommend the food to feed it with special additives. In severe cases, may require even special food additives with a high content of vitamins and minerals.

Some owners of cats watch, that the bowl has always been an animal feed. However, it is that cats eat everything that is in the bowl, even if it is satisfied. It is such an individual, as a rule, and are prone to obesity. It is recommended to restrict access to feed pets.

More closely to the diet to treat a pregnant cat. Industrial food for siamese kittens are rich in calcium, protein, taurine and other essential substances to the fetus. These foods are recommended for pregnant and nursing cats during the first four weeks. Special delicacies and sweets, as well as residues from your table is not suitable for animal feed. As a result of the feeding amount of feed eaten by your cat will be reduced and would wipe the necessary set of nutrients.

You should not give her extra vitamin and mineral supplements, because they are part of the main feed, or you can use instead cause serious harm. They can be administered in the siamese cat diet of a pregnant cat just in case, if the animal is depleted due to sickness or no time to recover from a previous pregnancy and childbirth. The vet can give you in this case, the specific recommendations.

Starting from the fourth week pregnant cat needs to feed that contains much more protein, so the middle of pregnancy and childbirth to increase its intake by 50%. But you can not overfeed an animal: it leads to obesity, which should be avoided. With obesity complicated births due to large size fruit.

Next time - 1-2 weeks before delivery. Appetite at this time is reduced due to high pressure in a crowded kittens abdominal cavity, so the cat is fed in small amounts, but often.

A nursing cat should consume significantly more calories, because the need for them to obtain increases by 2-3 times when compared with the need for them prior to mating. Mother to thrive, not losing weight and was able to feed all its children, its food must be of high quality, rich in protein, in a word, it must be a highly-balanced food. Lack of food affects the amount of milk produced by breasts and kittens malnutrition leads to their exhaustion and death.

Lactating cats are quite suitable commercially available feed, designed for kittens.

They are combined in the right proportions fats, carbohydrates and protein, as well as minerals and vitamins. Amount of feed for feeding cats is not limited and depends on the appetite. Typically, when feeding of four or more kittens obesity animal does not occur. Three-four-time feeding wet canned pet food is combined with constantly available to her dry.

From 2-3rd week of feeding cut up to 3 times a day. The diet during this period increased by 3 times compared with the amount of feed consumed by a cat before. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not be given, as industrial feed includes everything you need for animal health, and their use of additional upset the balance of necessary materials. The exception is refusing food industry, weakened by disease animals suffering from hypovitaminosis. This cat veterinarian appointed by a special siamese cat diet.

Breastfeeding is recommended to have only a cat in the house. Walking permitted only with careful monitoring by the hostess. This is associated with unwanted pregnancy, new onset, as the cat could occur unplanned mating. Admit this is not recommended.

With special attention must be diet-based approach to young siamese kittens. Thus, at the age of 3-4 weeks, a baby begins lack of breast milk, and the owner should take care of their supplementary feeding. Since then, the kittens need to feed a mixture of oat flour, whole cow's milk, cream and egg.

Over time, the food add boiled beef, minced (when the kids grow up a bit, it can be replaced and raw), fish and dry yeast. It is very important from an early age to train a siamese kitten to a variety of foods.

Siamese young cat diet need to watch very carefully

Raw fruits and vegetables (chopped or polished form), spinach, bone meal will provide a growing body kitten necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. When kids reach the age of 1.5-2 months and it is time to take them from their mother, siamese cat diet on the ratio of all components should already be fully consistent with the diet of adult cats. Only in this way you can avoid the problems associated with an abrupt change of the regime of feeding, and your pet will always receive a complete and balanced diet, not changing the habits.

Care should be taken so that the siamese kitten was always a bowl of water

When a siamese kitten is completely deprived of mother's milk, he may have digestive problems.

In this case, from siamese cat diet to exclude whole cow's milk, replacing it with fermented milk products (eg cheese).

Experts estimate that the kitten needed for daily energy balance should be 838 kJ. On this basis, we can calculate the rate of the daily siamese cat diet: to see how much energy is contained in the feed must be multiplied by 4.19 the figure indicating the number of calories (this information can be found in any cookbook).

Usually kittens weaned from the mother at the age of 10-12 weeks. At this time, it should be fed at least 6 times per day, provided that the daily rate does not exceed 150 g. After reaching a kitten 5 months of age is recommended to reduce the number of feedings to four. It should be borne in mind that the grown child needs the same amount of food that the adult cat. At the age of 9 months of your pet is already considered a mature individual, and feed it should be no more than 1 times per day.

Make sure your siamese kitten gets the food in a certain place, at the same time. Normalized diet promotes better digestion of food and regulates the digestive system. In addition, compliance is very useful in terms of education, if in the future you're going to release a pet for a walk, he would always come home on time.

Proper and balanced diet is very important in those cases if your cat or cat suffered a serious illness or have undergone surgery. Only in this way they will be able to quickly recover and restore lost form.

Siamese Kitten food should be in powdered form. How cold and hot food is harmful to the health of the animal, so the food should be at room temperature. If the siamese kitten for any reason, unable to eat all that you have prepared for it, remove uneaten food within 30 minutes. Remember that in the bowl of your pet at any time shall be fresh-boiled water.

Examples of rations for feeding siamese kittens (per 1 kg body weight)

A diet
Crude fish (sea), 30 g
Raw Beef Liver, 5 g
Cooked oatmeal, 4 g
Vegetable oil, 2 g
Water, g 4
Dry yeast, 0.2 g

The diet of two
Crude beef (fat), 20 g
Raw Beef Liver, g 10
Cooked oatmeal, 4 g
Vegetable oil, 0.2 g
Water, g 10
Dry yeast, 0.1 g
The diet of three
Crude fish (sea), 20 g
Cheese, 10 g
Cooked oatmeal, 4 g
Vegetable oil, 1.3 g
Water, 9 g
Dry yeast, 0.2 g

siamese cats food table

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