Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to give siamese cats liquid medicines ?

siamese cats
To give a siamese cats pill - it's not an easy task even more difficult to pour liquid medicines! However, this can be done if a little patience and perseverance. First of all, wrap the cat in a towel as described above. This stage is required, as most siamese cats will protest against this procedure. Do not attempt to give a siamese cats a medicine with a spoon! You do not succeed, and you will only complicate the situation. Instead, ask your veterinarian syringe without a needle. This will allow you to accurately measure out the required number of medications, as well as to introduce his little siamese cats. Let your vet necessarily show you how to do it, when will give you medicine.

Now, gently talking to the siamese cats, stretch a hand above her head and put your thumb and index fingers behind her large fangs. Push your fingers into these places, and a siamese cats with a willingness to open his mouth. However, that she did not like it, so be prepared to enter into the corner of his mouth cat tip of the syringe and gently press on the plunger. Remove the syringe, let the siamese cats can close your mouth and turning her nose to the ceiling, stroke her throat. This will force her to swallow the medicine.

This is important: do not pour into the throat siamese cats too much fluid at once, as this part of the medicine can get into her airway and potentially cause serious lung disease. Pour every time a little. Infusing medication, do not turn my head up a siamese cats, or medicine can get into the windpipe. If at some point you think that siamese cats is really scared or trying to cough, stop the procedure! Let coughs as he wants. It does not matter how many drugs she izrygnet. Then, once again, all will be fine, try again.

Here is another "scam" a way to give a siamese cats a small amount of thick medicine: Spread it on the front legs of the cat. She lick it and you won.

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