Monday, June 18, 2012

Help! What kind of food do I give my dietary sensitive cat?

A cat or kitten that has a dietary sensitivity or allergy to cat food may seem to be sensitive or allergic to whatever you feed them and it seems to be a never ending occurrence, which is very frustrating and also leaves you out of pocket!

However, the end may be in sight! Royal Canin Sensitivity has been specifically formulated to help control dietary hypersensitivity and/or dietary intolerances. It can also be used to help manage certain types of diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal issues such as gastroenteritis and chronic colitis.

But what is a dietary sensitivity and how do I know if my cat has one?

Some symptoms your feline may experience are: itching, scratching, sneezing, constant licking and ear infections (because their allergy can also cause a dermatitis reaction), diarrhoea, vomiting, other digestive problems, rapid weight loss and fur loss. (It is always a good idea to seek the advice of a registered vet if your cat exhibits any of these symptoms or others). The causation of sensitivities or allergies can be difficult to pin point, especially if your cat has eaten the same food for a long period of time and then starts exhibits symptoms. Many basic and common cat food ingredients can be the culprit, from proteins, lipoproteins and carbohydrates, to cow’s milk and cereal. If your cat is exhibiting symptoms, it can be beneficial to start them on an ‘elimination’ diet in order to try and cut out the ingredient that is causing the reaction.

As previously mentioned, a popular choice for a hypoallergenic diet for cats is Royal Canin Sensitivity Control. It works by changing normal cat food protein sources to chicken and carbohydrate sources to rice which are very rarely associated with producing an allergic reaction within cats; it is formulated to be easily digestible and is also lactose, wheat and gluten free in order to prevent those nasty reactions! If you are worried that your cat may become nutrient deficient then worry no longer, because Royal Canin is fortified with nutrients to keep your cat healthy!

If you have more than one cat, but only one has a dietary sensitivity or intolerance you may be worried that it could end up costing you more money, time and hassle to get the different kinds of cat food you need. However has all your pet supply needs in one place and will deliver it all to your door!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Characteristics of appearance of a Siamese cats

siamese cats
Unusually attractive appearance of Siamese cats is largely determined by their unique contrasting colors: a dark ears, muzzle, paws and tail are clearly distinguished on a light background of neck and body of these animals. A similar type of coloration, a phenomenon stemming akromelanizma, feline called "color-point" or "Himalayan".

Siamese cats kittens are born in the light snow-white, with pink noses and paw pads, and only a few weeks they start to appear the characteristic mottled pattern. Under the influence of low temperature hair kitten becomes a darker shade, and the lower the ambient temperature, the darker the color is a Siamese cats

Siamese cats kittens

Dark spots appear Siamese kittens for only 2 weeks of life

Siamese cats have a direct, short, feathered, tight to the body, very soft and tender to the touch. The eyes of these cats are medium in size, almond-shaped, bright blue. It is noticed that the eye color of Siamese cats depend on the color of their fur. It is assumed that the first representatives of this peculiar breed was less deep and rich color of the iris. Bright blue eyes of modern Siamese cats - merit breeders and breeders.

As already mentioned, composed in 1892, the standard of Siamese cats are quite different from today. However, some essential quality of the breed has been seen in a while. In accordance with this standard, the Royal Siamese cats had to have a relatively small size, has a light, elegant, graceful addition, a narrow chest, long neck and oval paws. Indicators of physical fitness were considered tight, shiny, thick and silky short hair and strong relief muscles, whereas an excess of adipose tissue was regarded as a deviation from the norm.

Along with the above qualities, the standard in 1892 ordered the royal Siamese cats to a small, slightly inclined his head wide in front of and rather narrow between the ears, flat forehead and an elongated snout broad, tapering to the nose. Ears of the animal had to be big and wide, and eyes - blue, bright, almond-shaped, planted at the back of the nose.

Tails of Siamese cats:

and - according to standard: long, straight, tapering downwards;
b - kutsehvostost; in - a break at the end
For more than 100 years of breeding Siamese cats in Europe and America look at the breed gradually changed. Felinological science greatly improved and, thanks to the efforts of breeders are now known to many varieties of this breed.

Kinks tails of Siamese cats: a - a tail hook;
b - tail, bent the ring and in - the tail with a double fracture
Today in the world there are plenty of feline associations, and each claims special standards Siamese cats have different requirements for color and coloring, and registration, of course, also conducted in different ways. So, not every organization recognizes the so-called siamopodobnyh cats (animals in the pedigree of which were the ancestors of other species - Balinese, Oriental, Siamese unconventional color, etc.). But often these cats are registered with the purebred Siamese.

Uniquely estimated as many variations of colors of Siamese cats.

For example, the American Association of CFA considers acceptable only 4 basic color: seal, blue-, chokolet and laylek-point, while cats that have other colors are not a Siamese, and the group shorthair color-point.

Among the most famous feline organizations should call the American Association for the cats (ASA), Association Cat Fanciers (CFA), Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF), the Association of traditional breeds (TCA). The largest and most well known are the American Association for World Cat (TICA) and the British GCCF.

Of course, to describe all the world's standards of Siamese cats in this book is impossible.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Siamese Cats Wash Themselves ?

siamese cats
Why Siamese cats wash themselves? Cleanliness undoubtedly associates with siamese cats. In fact cats practically all the day long spent to what wash the paws, a muzzle, ears. Siamese cats with most accustom to it and the kittens. Only at a birth Siamese Cats lick the kittens and only because stimulate their breath, directing to dummies.

Most interesting it that everyone siamese cat washes by his style.

One cat to lick another begins herself with a muzzle, with tail, the third with claws. It is very interesting to observe as the Siamese Cats wash. It can do it during very long time, and not pay to the owner any attention. But hobbies сиасмкого a cat after careful washing this favourite delicacy.

  • Probably the first reason it certainly that the cat most stimulates with this structure, allocated sebum. Sebum - it is the substance which is serving to a leather by greasing, and for Siamese Cats it protects fur from a moisture.
  • The second reason it that licking itself, for a Siamese Cat a certain cosmetic procedure. The cat licks a dirt, deletes dead hair.
  • The third reason licking and washing of a cat adjusts a body temperature of Siamese Cats. Washing the Siamese cats can not only raise temperature of the body, but also cool. For certain many owners even did not guess it.
siamese cats
If at you in an apartment or the house there live some cats and you observe of how they lick each other, and so know it as a token of respect and love. Siamese Cats very much like to receive pleasures from licking and like to lick others.

Well and finally last reason for washing siamese cats is distraction, weariness or distress. For certain you noticed, that siamese cats when after long game or a good dinner starts itself to lick, sitting down in what that silent quiet seat. It is sometimes very important to your cat. Being in silent seat and licking itself, siamese cat calms down, relax and during washing it even has time for meditations and what acceptances or decisions.

Clean and true to you of Siamese Cats pupils! Love them And they always answer to you the same!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to bring a good siamese cats ?

siamese cats

Siamese cats are very special

Siamese cats may require much investment and effort on the that would raise siamese cats kind and gentle. But it's difficult to think only first glance, because the method of training a cat lover is simple enough for people whose heart is always open to love. And just for the Siamese cats, the most important role in his upbringing plays the love of his master and his devotion. What should be done that would raise siamese kittens gentle and kind? For something to siamese kitten loved you just need to always be with them as possible. In first month of life of the siamese cats shaped relationship to the owner and his first devotion, so pat her cats, put him to sleep with him in bed, and do not release him from a little step. Siamese cats should have a an early age to realize that his life and you are but you had no one else. Also at an early age with Siamese cats kittens should play a much larger, to develop It gaming experience and make it easy to relax. Only here did not cause major kitten harm, to do everything carefully and with love for Siamese cats.
siamese cats
siamese cats

Siamese cats - a contact animals.

And for them the important role played by the same touches. Most of his embrace siamese cats kitten, scrub it, keep the hands and pat, trust me on this kitten will be just nice and cozy. He must know that his love is like a child. Always coming home and leaving a siamese cats for a long time one, the first thing come look for it, cuddle, let them know that you miss, kiss him. It was at this point the siamese cats will feel like you need it, and that in this world he is not alone. After leaving the house, kitten may think that you can never not come. So how do you meet it, may be very important to him. If other than your siamese cats in your home as there are children, be sure to let them play. The more siasmky kitten spends with people and surrounded by people who want to play with him and cuddle him, the more it becomes tame.
More attention to the kotenku.Budte always kind and affectionate to him and he will always answer you the same. Take care and love your Siamese cats!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cat language or how to understand your Siamese cats ?

Surely everyone who deals with Siamese cats, there is a question in mind what's inside their private world? Can animals think, and if so, what thoughts go to them first?

How to determine what exactly want a Siamese cats and understand the mood of your favorite pet?

Siamese cats as well as any animals use a variety of ways to communicate with his master, and with his brethren. The first is of course a variety of sounds, usually arising from the concerns of your pet, with alertness, pain, dissatisfaction, as well as for other reasons. Also, the behavior of the Siamese cats is always possible to determine his mood, to demonstrate his posture and expression furry faces.

It is important to feel the Siamese cats, and to determine their mood and desire. As a rule, Siamese cats may issue up to 18 multiple and diverse sounds and they are divided into 3 groups: a vsemilyubimoe purring, hissing and meowing. It is for these sounds can be understood ssotoyanie your pet.

Siamese cats meow just in different ways, someone publishes a very bright and loud sounds, someone is almost inaudible, but someone just silent, opening his mouth, thus implying the owner about their desires.

Siamese cats are very fond of talking with the owner

Siamese cats are known for their talkativeness. And as experience shows they do it not loud, and not aggressively.You should always pay attention to the tail, it can show the expression of feelings and moods, the position of the ears as we know it also says about your Siamese cats eyes in humans and cats is a "mirror of the soul." Try to trace your Siamese cats and watch their behavior - so you can find your pet a lot closer.