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Characteristics of appearance of a Siamese cats

siamese cats
Unusually attractive appearance of Siamese cats is largely determined by their unique contrasting colors: a dark ears, muzzle, paws and tail are clearly distinguished on a light background of neck and body of these animals. A similar type of coloration, a phenomenon stemming akromelanizma, feline called "color-point" or "Himalayan".

Siamese cats kittens are born in the light snow-white, with pink noses and paw pads, and only a few weeks they start to appear the characteristic mottled pattern. Under the influence of low temperature hair kitten becomes a darker shade, and the lower the ambient temperature, the darker the color is a Siamese cats

Siamese cats kittens

Dark spots appear Siamese kittens for only 2 weeks of life

Siamese cats have a direct, short, feathered, tight to the body, very soft and tender to the touch. The eyes of these cats are medium in size, almond-shaped, bright blue. It is noticed that the eye color of Siamese cats depend on the color of their fur. It is assumed that the first representatives of this peculiar breed was less deep and rich color of the iris. Bright blue eyes of modern Siamese cats - merit breeders and breeders.

As already mentioned, composed in 1892, the standard of Siamese cats are quite different from today. However, some essential quality of the breed has been seen in a while. In accordance with this standard, the Royal Siamese cats had to have a relatively small size, has a light, elegant, graceful addition, a narrow chest, long neck and oval paws. Indicators of physical fitness were considered tight, shiny, thick and silky short hair and strong relief muscles, whereas an excess of adipose tissue was regarded as a deviation from the norm.

Along with the above qualities, the standard in 1892 ordered the royal Siamese cats to a small, slightly inclined his head wide in front of and rather narrow between the ears, flat forehead and an elongated snout broad, tapering to the nose. Ears of the animal had to be big and wide, and eyes - blue, bright, almond-shaped, planted at the back of the nose.

Tails of Siamese cats:

and - according to standard: long, straight, tapering downwards;
b - kutsehvostost; in - a break at the end
For more than 100 years of breeding Siamese cats in Europe and America look at the breed gradually changed. Felinological science greatly improved and, thanks to the efforts of breeders are now known to many varieties of this breed.

Kinks tails of Siamese cats: a - a tail hook;
b - tail, bent the ring and in - the tail with a double fracture
Today in the world there are plenty of feline associations, and each claims special standards Siamese cats have different requirements for color and coloring, and registration, of course, also conducted in different ways. So, not every organization recognizes the so-called siamopodobnyh cats (animals in the pedigree of which were the ancestors of other species - Balinese, Oriental, Siamese unconventional color, etc.). But often these cats are registered with the purebred Siamese.

Uniquely estimated as many variations of colors of Siamese cats.

For example, the American Association of CFA considers acceptable only 4 basic color: seal, blue-, chokolet and laylek-point, while cats that have other colors are not a Siamese, and the group shorthair color-point.

Among the most famous feline organizations should call the American Association for the cats (ASA), Association Cat Fanciers (CFA), Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF), the Association of traditional breeds (TCA). The largest and most well known are the American Association for World Cat (TICA) and the British GCCF.

Of course, to describe all the world's standards of Siamese cats in this book is impossible.

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  1. Siamese cats are beautiful creatures, but there is a real division in the cat lovers world about them. Personally I think that they are brilliant, but sadly that is not shared by all cat admirers.