Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to care of siamese cats kittens ?

siamese cats
  If you decide to buy a siamese cats kitten, remember: Take only forever!They can not give it up, kick, throw, because without you, she will likely die. Acquisition of the cat - it is an important and responsible step. 
  Taking the siamese cats kitten and bring home a funny miracle, you've got something that aspired and dreamed about. A concern?
  All of you are well thought out? For this creature you meet, it depends on you his health, character and future destiny.
  Do not seek to educate just brought a kitten once around. Remember: the kitten, too, have childhood, only a very short - about 10 months, so do not deprive him of this period. In the first months of life, he is particularly fragile and very quickly gets tired of the game and go to sleep. If you work with the team, "me", "place", it is better to do it in game form, and do not need two or three months to train a siamese cats more than 15 minutes a day, otherwise he may become tired, lose interest in their studies and will be simply to you hide.
Attention, patience, kindness and perseverance should be your first mate.And then

The siamese cat will become your friend

  Before you bring a kitten in the apartment, you, of course, had to clean electrical and other cords, ie, all that in a few days will cause the kitten interest and willingness to try "to the tooth"; choose him the place where he will spend most of their lives - it must be constant, and calculate in advance the size of adult siamese cats, to prepare a siamese cats toilet.
  Peace, comfort, cleanliness and fresh air - here's one comfort, which, of course, expect you to kitten - it is a necessary condition for its normal development.

Cool air is not bad for a kitten, but also for baby and adult siamese cats are very dangerous drafts!

  The first is that the kid has to learn - it's his nickname, then the place of rest and toilet.
To the cat was healthy and not ill, it must be properly fed.
Do not forget every year to make your siamese cats vaccination: a veterinary clinic, you will be given a veterinary passport, where it will put a mark on vaccinations and conducted every four months (not more) to prevent against invasive diseases, such as tablets Drontal 
(Table 1. 5 kg). Also let her two weeks prior to vaccination or drug Kanikvantel plus - it is available as tablets
(1 tablet per 10 kg) and in suspension.
  When transporting the siamese cats to the veterinarian for an exhibition at the cottage or any other travel must follow certain rules. Provide a mild and comfortable appeal not to cause any bodily harm. Should be used for convenient transport facilities, providing safe haven and at the same time not impeding the movements of siamese cats.  Use for this purpose special plastic carrying case, and can be purchased at a pet store. In winter, be sure to use a heater.
   Siamese Cats lovers know very well: "to the domestic cat was happy, it must just love." Only the beloved can be forgiven some makes them uncomfortable, knowing that they make up a much larger - the joy of communion with siamese cats.