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Siamese cats are in need of constant care.

siamese cats
My siamese cats are 2.5 years old, neutered a year ago. Began to notice that he often goes to the toilet in a small, literally every 3-4 minutes, and sitting there a long time and sometimes even howling. Prior to that he was gnawing his toy, inside which there was some dry grass. Now he does not eat, drink, do not sit on their hands. Very worried about what happened to him? Poisoning or cystitis? Or can he marks it?

Judging by the fact that your siamese cats often walks to the bathroom and appear periodically in pain when urinating, it can actually be cystitis. You need to go to the doctor and take a urine test. And this must be done as soon as possible.

Siamese cats cause allergies?
In case of contact with siamese cats of any species you can begin an allergy. Allergies can cause the coat protein or selection. To check if you have allergies or not, you just need to talk to the cat a small amount of time: to stroke her, to hold in her arms.

Is it possible to sterilize a siamese cats after it has already produced offspring? We want to give her the opportunity to feel like a mother. While my Siamese four months.

Yes, of course, you can sterilize your girl after she gives birth to a litter. But after the birth should take enough time. First, feed the siamese cats the kids, then she should get in shape. After that, it can be sterilized.

Kitty has no documents, as they draw and whether such a pussy to present the exhibition? I would not want her spayed. If the siamese cats will not be able to participate in exhibitions, then will it be possible to represent her kotyatok and how to do this?

Every purebred kitten should have a metric which spells out his nickname, breed, color, date of birth and parents' nicknames. The metric gives the breeder the sale of the baby. But the breeder may not give you a metric, if the cat is sold under castration. The metric is exchanged by the owner for genealogy in the club, marked in metric.
Siamese cats without pedigree can take part in exhibitions, but this exercise is pointless - you will never be able to draw your cat championship certificates. Moreover, there felinology (siamese cats), the association conducting the exhibition, which member without a pedigree you will never be.
As for the breeding of purebred animals, without a pedigree kittens will be born to mothers just domestic cats.

We have oriental kitty (6 mon.) Offer to take more and Siamese (2 months).. Uzhivutsya whether kittens to each other? Where can I find literature about how to keep two siamese cats in the house: do we need separate trays, utensils? Of course, all the required vaccinations, we will pass in time.

For my personal experience I can say that siamese cats are pretty good oriental coexist with each other. Moreover, as a rule, "vostochka" needs of the company. Together they while away the dull day, waiting for the owner to work. They are much more interesting and fun to play together than alone.

My siamese cats began to fall out six in the abdomen and the inner surface of hind paws. She keeps licking herself, is often troublesome. Feed the "Hills", "yam" (lamb, tuna or a rabbit). What can I do?

You should contact your veterinarian. Despite the fact that you feed your siamese cats allergenic foods (lamb, rabbit), it could appear allergies. However, I am inclined to think that the cat came hormonal failure, which often happens in non-neutered siamese cats.

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