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Siamese cats important moments.

siamese cats
My siamese cat 3,5 months. I feed dry food. You can give her some meat and cheese?

In my nursery I prefer to use a type of mixed feeding for my siamese cats, which, along with professional fodder (dry, canned) in the diet of cats included organic foods: boiled chicken, raw beef, sour-milk products. Therefore, personally I can recommend you to diversify your siamese cat's daily diet, although veterinarians are often advised to feed a professional feed, or natural food, without mixing with one another.

Recently purchased a cat for breeding. Can I use any drugs (for example, "Pilkan") to regulate estrus? Can you give the drug every month?

Of course, you can adjust your cat's estrus special preparations. However, I am of the opinion that it should not do. Unfortunately, the use of these drugs may lead to further undesirable consequences. One example: oriental cat too often flowed. The owner has to apply a well-known in Europe hormonal drug to somehow make life easier for his darling. When it came time to breed a siamese cats, the owner took her to the binding to the cat, who tied it. However, pregnancy has not occurred, although after the drug was enough time. And only a few months later the cat was able to love me.
Of course, to decide what to do in this case, only to you. But before you make that the only right decision, think about the health of your siamese cats.
And finally I want to advise you to deal with such matters only with a competent veterinarian who will help you find the gentle (although such or not) a drug for your siamese cats.

I have a Siamese cat, she is very fastidious to eat, he eats almost only dry food, sometimes the fish is very rare meat, etc. What to feed?

Siamese cats, with no pedigree or not, is not peculiar love for the diversity of dishes. Often, a cat chooses his most favorite product that she can feast on throughout life. Someone is dry food, while others prefer cooked chicken or raw meat. The fact that your pitomitsa prefers processed feeds and eats almost only him, there is nothing wrong with that. Prepared feeds already contain all the minerals and vitamins needed for the consumption of the siamese cats. However, remember that it is best to use professional dry food with a note "super premium". I do not think you need to worry about the menu of his favorite, because Your siamese cats get a good meal.

How much is a Siamese cats?

Price kitten depends on several factors. First and foremost it is important to decide whether you get a kitten as a pet, or you plan to put him in the exhibitions and participate in breeding. The second important point - this kid's pedigree, which you need only if your kitten is purchased as a potential producer and / or participated in exhibitions. Siamese cats kittens from their parents - the winners of exhibitions or imported from abroad are more expensive. It is also important to take into account known nursery in which you plan to purchase a kitten. In general, the value of a Siamese cats kitten, acquired by castration, ranging from 10 to 15 thousand rubles for breeding - from 600 euros and above. Siamese cats kittens show class, usually cost between 800 euros and above.

Siamese Cats 3 years gelding, very kind and gentle. Show you how to wean him tear the upholstery sofa? Doing it to attract attention to himself, riding on the back from one edge of the sofa to another. Nothing helps. How to punish?

If he does so in your presence, then maybe at home, you should give him the maximum of their attention. If you do not have much time, then think about buying it for a friend. Practice shows that the Siamese cats in need of company colleagues. Siamese cats, like lions, praydnye animals that need constant communication. Sign a second of Siam, you'll see that they are "close" to each other, and you will not have to constantly communicate with your seals.

Is it important if a three-month limb color is not very dark? Have kittens whose limbs are darker than others.

Babies Siamese cats color peculiar neprokras limbs. This issue is even registered in the standards for Siamese colors. Strong colors (seal point, chocolate-point, etc.) thrive faster than bleached (blue-point, lilac-point, etc.). The older your baby will become, the stronger will be painted with his point on the feet.

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