Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vet recommendations about Siamese Cats

siamese cats
How many live Siamese cats?

The average life expectancy of cats for 13 years. And the Siamese cats are no exception. Although among the Siamese meet and centenarians.

Our Kitten two months. Eats only meat. If you do not get it, starting a heart-rending cry. How to train a cat to a variety of food?

Try to offer your Siamese cats kitten processed feeds. It can be as dry food and canned food, which usually have an attractive smell for siamese cats. If your child refuses to have an offer you food, keep food in a while, and then remove and suggest the next feeding. You should not immediately suggest a kitten meat, otherwise he will understand that by refusing to eat, you must give what he likes. Dry food can be kept readily available in the room or the kitchen. This is convenient because the kid he will control his diet. You can also try to give a kitten boiled chicken.

I have a Siamese cat Alice. She was about 2 years old. It should become a mother. In my opinion, my Alice already perehazhivaet term appearance of the kittens. How to act in this situation? Take her to the doctor or wait a little longer?

Siamese cats kittens are hatching from 63 to 72 days. Perhaps you are wrongly considered a term pregnancy of your cats and worry needlessly. If you feel a stirring of kittens and siamese cats tummy tight like a ball, then everything is fine. Just not yet time to be born babies, and you just have to wait a little longer. If you are really worried, you can do in this case ultrasound to remove all your doubts.

Kitten 5.5 months. Dropped out side the upper teeth, bad breath from his mouth. What happened to him?

Now your siamese kitty is a change of baby teeth at the root, so he and his teeth fell out. After some time in the place dropped the teeth you will see the emergence of new ones. Bad breath can also be caused by a change of teeth.

Cat for nine months. At what age can begin to knit?

Siamese cats are very early ripening, and often starting in adolescence, becoming interested in cats. The best option is a 10-month age. At this point you can take your siamese cats to cat breeding.

Gained admission to the WCF Siamese cat tortoise color with white spots? Or such color Siamese cats are Seychelles?

Seychelles is called a cat that has a combination of solid or tabby colors with white. These siamese cats are found in the WCF and successfully exhibited at trade shows.

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