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Siamese cats are surrounded by numerous legends.

siamese cats
All the legends may be divided into 3 types:
  • appeared as the Siamese cats
  • legend explaining the twisted tail and a squint
  • the legend of the temple cats.
  • Like a lion once sneezed
When Noah brought the animals for his ark, little cats did not exist. So after several weeks of swimming ark was full of rodents. Unable to cope with parasites, Noah turned for help to a lion - the king of beasts. The Lion thought for a while, and then with a terrible sound of sneezing. From his huge nostrils appeared dozens of small cats, which looked a hair's breadth, as the lion in miniature. These were the Siamese cats. They managed to keep breeding of rodents

As a lioness and a monkey in love with each other

Very homesick animals during the protracted journey of Noah's ark. Male monkeys fell in love lioness. From this was born of love and Siamese cats, with the characteristics of the monkey and the courage of a lion.

As the golden cup of the Buddha was to blame for the broken tail

When all the men of Siam to flee their homes to protect the homeland, no one has to guard a gold cup of the Buddha. In the temple there were only Tien and Chula - a pair of Siamese cats. Once went in search of a priest, Chien left his girlfriend with a mandate to protect the treasure. As time passed, the long hours shape in the days and weeks, and Chula kept her eyes on the sacred cup, for greater reliability obviv his tail. The cat is so responsibly performed his task, did not notice how the time has come to give birth to offspring. Not for a moment turned away from the cup, gave birth to kittens Chula like herself: with slanting eyes and the broken tails. And in light of their eyes became blue, the colors of the sky - so Buddha rewarded the animals for their loyalty.

As the golden cup of the Buddha was to blame for the broken tails (another version)

Once day Siamese cats went with his wife into the jungle to look for precious royal cup, missing from the palace in Siam. When they found the treasure, the cat went to the castle to report the find, but the cat remained in the woods to guard treasure. Young cat climbed the tree and hid among the leaves. She threw her cup of tail and trunk of the tree to be sure that no one can steal the treasure, while she was asleep. On the fourth day her husband returned to find that his wife gave birth to five adorable kittens. Caring mother bustled around children, while still holding the cup, so that its tail was permanently bent. And what is even more startled cats, all cats were a little tail curled like a mother.

As a Siamese princess rescued by a Siamese cats

Chased by pirates Siamese princess locked in their chambers, and devoted her cat inserted into the keyhole tail to the pursuers could not unlock the door. It remained broken.

Like Siamese cats guarded ring Siamese Princess

It is said that long ago in Siam was a princess who was very afraid that someone will steal her precious ring, which she rented at the time of bathing. Once, coming to the lotus lake, the princess began to look for someone who could guard the decorations during her swim. Then her beloved cat came up to her and her tail curved to the princess could hang on to him her ring. And that is not lost jewels, the princess tied to the tail of the cat's favorite knot. And now every Siamese kitten is born with a curved tail, the princess could hang on to him his precious ring.

Like Siamese cat walked on two legs

Own Siamese cats were princesses and walked, leaning on the tail, as the third leg. Because the tail and turned bent.

Like Siamese cats lived in the temples

Siamese cats are very expensive and have them able to afford only persons of royal blood and approximate privileged person. It was believed that after the death of the host animal is accompanied by his soul to the afterlife. After the funeral, Siamese cats, who participated in the ceremony of transmigration of the soul departing from the royal palace in this or that temple, where he lived in luxury, cajole monks and priests, and the rest of his life led the ceremonial life. Relatives of the deceased provide temple cats, delicious food, which they were served on golden platters, and luxurious cushions of the most expensive fabrics to make their dream was especially sweet, as to believe that cats have a special power, and can intercede for the soul of the deceased, gave her blessing peace and happiness in the afterlife.

Like Siamese cats guarded the precious vase in Buddhist temples

Siamese cats have lived in temples, where they guarded the precious vase. To accomplish this task, cat tails wrapped vase and looked at them intently, without interrupting. Because of this position they got hooked tail and squinting eyes.

Like Siamese cats protect Buddhist temples

According to another legend, the blue eyes of these cats - a gift of heaven, giving them a true protection of monasteries. They say that even today in Thailand, there are 3 of the temple, secrets are guarded day and night and Thai cats. Safe guard safely hidden from prying eyes outside the church would not fall, and even the locals can not tell you anything specific about these cats.
   Servant of the Tibetan temple: Cats we hold not only for their beauty: they provide the iron guard of precious stones piled up in large numbers at the foot of the sacred statues. Dogs - huge bulldogs can upset a person and tear him to shreds - guard house. However, a dog can be tamed, lure or go back. But do not expect this, if the keeper - a cat. Cat attack can interrupt the only death. Cats have the Siamese breed. In hot countries, they are almost white or beige, but in Tibet, the edge of the cold, their color - black. Their eyes are blue, but his hind legs much longer than the front, so that the gait of these animals in its own way unique. Long tail like a whip. In addition, no one has a voice: volume and register just incredible. Cats that carry the protection of the church, silent and always on the alert, they resemble the shades of night. If someone put his hand to the jewelry, which the cat guarding it jump off from the darkness and seizes her hand. If a person does not immediately abandon a stolen, the other cat jumps him right on his neck. These cats claws is twice longer than usual, and once they grabbed, you will not be released. Dog, I repeat, you can scare, tame or poison. With cats, this will not work. They rout the most ferocious bulldogs. And when cats are security services, they currently only allows him to come to those who know very well. (From the book Lobsang Rampa The Third Eye ")
   And another legend, written in our time, but no less charming and touching, is already familiar to our regular readers - The legend of how the blue-eyed cats were divided into Thai and Siamese.
   In Thailand, there is still a belief that to be completely happy family in a house to live Thai cat and a small lemur, a couple of these animals may be expelled from the house of any evil spirit.
   If you find any other legends associated with Siamese cats, please accomplish your goal in the comments, and we'll add them here.

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