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Siamese cats types : english, thai, american, applehead

siamese cats
There are four types of Siamese cats:

  • English
  • Thai
  • American
  • Applehead

The official standard LOOF (the official register of pedigrees in France and the federation recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the country) Siamese cats called the American type.

A Thai, also known as "old-styled Siamese cats was recognized as a breed LOOF since December 2002. Applehead  derived from Thai, is not recognized until now.

- the most common species. Its head with large pointy ears forms an equilateral triangle. Her body was slender, very thin, tapered tail and at the end.

English Siamese cats

- was created by British breeders who wish to restore the original appearance of animals, that is identical to the one that was taken out of Thailand. Her head is more round, it has shorter ears. The tail is thicker, but not such as have EKSH. This type of cat is very popular.

Thai Siamese cats

 - the most fashionable! This is a very thin, if not skinny cat. Her ears are huge. This type was launched by American breeders, keen to stress the characteristics of a Siamese cat, extending the shape of her body, increasing the size of the ears. This appearance is largely dictated by the appearance of cats from Egypt. That is why many people believe that Siamese cats have an Egyptian origin. These cats are very expensive, and they are very popular at cat shows.

American Siamese cats

 (Apple Head) - the result of breeding, whose goal was to create a cat, the most similar to the original Siamese cats. This is - an exact copy of the royal cat of Siam, who lived in Thai forests. Round head, small ears, well-developed musculature and athletic physique. Color is often a residual tabby. Very similar to the regular EKSH.

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