Monday, June 6, 2011

Siamese cats feeding tutorial.

siamese cats
All siamese cats eat different foods and in different quantities. Pregnant or lactating cats need more food than others. Neutered cats, lazy cats easier to gain weight than active animals. Fit cat food in accordance with its individual needs.

Some cats react badly to certain foods. Milk, although recommended for feeding cats, some badly digested. Cats can not eat cakes, especially those who have a predisposition to urolithiasis. Do not let the cats a lot of meat, it can cause premature browning wool. Vary your diet Siamese cat fish, steamed vegetables and rice. During the first months of life, the kitten should receive all the necessary vitamins to prevent rickets!

Try not to give him food with lots of sharp small bones. Better to choose food that contains cartilage, which have the same effect as chewing gum, thus you will allow her Siamese cats to keep your teeth healthy. There is a delicacy to the same effect, but some cats do not like them. If you give food, you can regularly change the brand. Females prefer to feed some other brands. Remember, you must always keep a bowl of water within the reach of cats, especially if she eats dry food.

Your cat eats not two or three times a day and more than ten times! Therefore, during the day to add a meal in a bowl, try to opt for this one and the same time. Once a week, add a coffee spoon of olive oil or margarine in food, it will help bring the cat fur swallowed during washing. Food is brought to room temperature before feeding the cat

Do not let the Siamese cats remnants from your desk, especially the sweet and salty! Also, you should not give cats dog food, it is too little protein, so necessary a predator!

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