Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Siamese cats features nowadays.

siamese cats
  Temper Siamese cats as unusual as its appearance. The most important characteristic - a strong attachment to humans. She has clearly expressed the need for constant communication. In this case, it is almost the same as any other cat who hates the noise and bustle. Her voice is inexhaustible repertoire: from the quietest to the loudest shrill purring primeval scream that scares the unaccustomed listener. Her original "Siamese" voice is so rich intonations that she can express with the help of many feelings: The usual chatter, quiet monotone voice, a reminder of the meal - a demanding brief gentle sounds when she was bored, heartbreaking lament, if it is something do not like.
  Siamese cats has extreme temper, playfulness. At least once a day she "otbushevat. Important to her and gentle conversation with the person during the day. If the landlord for some reason removed from contact with her, and a Siamese cats may come depression. Severe aggression in relation to a person develops a cats only when it travels from hand to hand, and lives not only without human affection, but also gained experience of poor communication. To correct such behavior can only be good, caring attitude to the cat for a few years. Short silky fur Siamese cats does not require special care. At least once a week, it must handle frequent blunt comb to comb out the undercoat precipitate, which also serves as massage the skin and prevents dandruff. This procedure gives the animal a treat.
  Siamese cats can be bathed only in exceptional cases. Caring for nails is carried out by itself, if the animal is given a tree for climbing and scratching. Toilet siamese cats should be kept clean. She is disgusted with carelessly washed containers and may be due to this repugnant. Also must be clean bowls for food and drink. Well-groomed and healthy cat smells as if it is weakly scented.

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