Saturday, June 18, 2011

My siamese cats gone wild, whats happened ?

My Siamese cat is injured. On the back of his leg, I discovered, already healing, the wound. Scab came off with the hair. The new hair is growing darker. It light up when grow a? Or will it be a marriage in color?

To your question is not a simple answer. Perhaps the newly grown hair will remain darker. Perhaps when your siamese cats is molting, will change the tone and hair, which grew darker.

Two months ago, has picked up on the street Siamese cats. Age of about three months. I want to sterilize it, but I do not know how to care for her after sterilization. Worried about how it will affect her psyche and health. Advise me what to do.

I would advise you to sterilize your siamese cats after 6 months. Typically, siamese cats are fairly well tolerated in this operation. Postoperative care is simple. This treatment of the seam, for example, hydrogen peroxide and a further imposition on the edges of the seam levomikolya. On the tenth day the doctor removes the stitches. Sterilized siamese cats do not differ from non-sterilized. The only difference - neutered siamese cats calmer. They are not plagued by heat, they have "no play" hormones in their lives and there are other joys. :) In adulthood are suddenly becoming interested in snowflakes, flying through the window, sunbeams, toys. So do not worry about sterilizing your girl. It will only benefit her.

Is it possible to make a pedigree Siamese cats, which have no papers? Is there an examination? 

Documents to your siamese cats you can only give the breeder from whom you purchased your pet, of course, if the breeder was saktirovan in feline litter club. This can be either metric, then you can exchange for a pedigree or family tree itself. Unfortunately, a Siamese signs are not enough to be called a real Siam.
Examination of the siamese cats that have no documentation on the origin, of course, exist, but the class of newcomers, which can get your siamese cats, is limited to some aboriginal Russian breeds. For the Siamese breed class of beginners is closed.

How to deal with a cat who is aiming? In addition to castration If your cat started to aim, then, alas, it can be stopped only by castration. The only way out may be a constant blurring of labeled sites.
Could not find in the internet fawn color-point. A very interesting! This is such a rarity?

Color "Faun" is really rare in the world. In Europe, the unit involved in breeding kennels cat colors "cinnamon" and its derivative "faun". Faun-point - a very rare color. And you can submit it by reading a standard for this color.

I had a cat with the color as a Siamese cats, but the shape of the ears and the shape it is different. Ears are so big and it is not as thin and long. I would like to know whether you can assume that this is the Siamese breed, or not? Then what?

Siamese cats coloration common to many breeds of cats. Siamese cats with a rounded head shape, ears, medium size, strong constitution called the Thai. You may have been just such a cat.

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