Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Siamese cats interesting facts and tips

Its good to notice the two periods of the year - when the siamese cats sheds. Massage promotes normal ventilation clears the skin of dead skin flakes, hair, dust, dirt, insects, increases blood circulation, promotes strong hair follicles, from which in future will depend on the quality of the coat of your siamese cats.

siamese cats
Long claws, especially before they change, do not allow the siamese cats kitten to walk properly and influence the further formation of the fingers and the right move. That is why it is they grind down, turning the upholstery of your furniture into something terry. To avoid this, just please create special sharpen claws instruments. Its easy to do yourself with siamese cats.

siamese cats
The presence of a rash may indicate the presence of worms, and festering sores not only on skin diseases, but also the defeat of the infection of the whole organism of your siamese cats.

Looking at the siamese cats tummy, you can verify the presence or absence of skin parasites


siamese cats
Dirty needle clean easily clean cotton swab, moistened it slightly with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. If your siamese cats often scratches it, shakes his head, and you feel bad odor from the ears - this may be a symptom of illness. It is best to determine the cause and cure for you seasoned vet.

We recommend you to visit vet together with you siamese cats

siamese cats
Since discharge from the eyes may be the first signs of illness of your siamese cats. A healthy kitten in the corner of her eye can build up natural selection in the form of small lumps of mucus, which can be easily removed a piece of clean bandage.If your siamese cats kitty had a strong selection of a purulent character, or excessive tearing - immediately contact your vet! Not independently use different ointments and drops, because the drugs are intended to man, is not always amiss for siamese cats.

siamese cats teeth

An adult siamese cats has 30 teeth

The key to healthy teeth is a cat-and-nutrition of the mother. Pick up a siamese cats kitten from the nest should be only after the appearance of milk teeth. Note the color of mucus - normally it should be pink in color, but not painfully white, pale and unnaturally red for siamese cats.