Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Siamese cats main aspects of character

siamese cat
Siamese cats, Oriental Shorthair breed. State of Thailand in the old days was called Siam yet. Therefore,siamese cat breed, originated in this country over 600 years ago, was called Siamese. It is assumed that its ancestor was a local Bengali cat. There are many known varieties of Siamese cats, varying in color. They valued dearly and lived only in the palaces of the rulers. In the second half of the XIX century, the ruler of Siam sent to Europe as a gift a few dozen VIPs Siamese. In 1884, the British consul in Bangkok to London brought this animal. In 1901 was organized by the British "Club of Siamese cats," and in 1902 it adopted the standard. Then, this breed was exported to the United States and other countries. In Russia, a Siamese cats was first brought to the beginning of the XX century. As a result of meetings with other local breeds and cats she has ceased to be purebred. At her home in Thailand, the same thing happened. So now the Association for Wildlife Conservation in Thailand resumed efforts to increase the size of a Siamese cat and the restoration of the purity of the breed. Actively involved in breeding a siamese cats in England.
     Siamese Cats miniature, lightweight and elegant. The head is of medium size, proportional to the body, has a wedge shape, similar to the head marten. The nose is long, straight, continues the line of the forehead with no break. Chin and jaw of moderate size. The siamese cat ears are elongated, large, wide at the base and tapered at the ends.Siamese cats eyes almond shaped, slightly slanted, shallow-set, bright blue or dark blue. The neck is long and slender. The trunk is muscular, flexible, somewhat elongated, proportioned. Approximately the same width shoulders and thighs. The back and loins are strong. The legs are long, thin, slender and strong. Rear somewhat longer than the front.Also siamese cats feet are small, oval. The tail is long and slender, pointed at one end. Wool is very short, thick, shiny and tight and they are a siamese cats.