Saturday, December 17, 2011

Siamese cats age older months

siamese cats

You can make everything except for siamese cats feed

Be sure raw meat (beef, chicken or turkey, liver), steamed or scalded with boiling water fish (cod, pollock, saffron cod, putasu, hake), milk, cooked meat, raw and boiled eggs, soup, vegetables, cereals - all that he like. Can you believe that you have successfully reared a siamese cats  kitten. Congratulations!

Older than 2 months you can start giving the siamese cats kitten dry food

. Of all the feeds can be used only "Hills" to the siamese cats kittens (about 350 euro / kg). You can buy only in closed packets because when you buy by weight you risk to buy instead Hills Vaska. Outwardly, they feed almost indistinguishable.

   On this your torment is over. Now that your kitten can eat whatever he wants, with the exception of pork (either raw or cooked pork cats can not give). If you like to give raw fish, see that it did not have worms or your siamese cats will be sad..

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