Friday, November 18, 2011

Siamese cats difference in colors

siamese cats color
Siamese cats even at first glance it is easy to distinguish from other short-haired breeds due to different primary colors of wool and on the muzzle, ears, paws and tail. This color is sometimes called the point. With respect to the Siamese cats in general caught on English terminology.

Siamese cats with dark brown (almost black) markings is called a seal-point 

The original and oldest variation. The basic coat color beige or white cream, older animals it is usually dark.
Chocolate - Chocolate Point (SIA b) Hue main wool resembles ivory. Blue eyes, but not too juicy color, with a possible slight purple tint.
Purple markings - Lilac Point (SIA c) Siamese cats with white and pink and gray hair, slightly pink markings.
Blue - Blue Point (SIA a) The marks of this variation of gray-blue. Wool is light blue or whitish, the same cold tone that marks.

Red point contrast well with blue eyes of siamese cats.

Basic shade fur is almost white, with a possible light-apricot flavor.
Tortoise - tortie-point (SIA f) markings they have spotted, and they must meet the basic siamese cats coat color and the color of the nose and paws.
    With tan - tabby-point, lynx point, silver-point, Shadow Point. All variations with tabby markings, corresponding variations siamok, but without markings to mark and later to him were prechisleny still red and cream. cats coat color tabby-points should be light and, if possible without shadow mask, with a clearly limited pattern markings, especially around the eyes and nose of siamese cats.

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