Thursday, November 10, 2011

Siamese cats - modern standards

siamese cats

Siamese cats are - short-haired cats light of the constitution.

An elongated shape with a length proportional to the head, torso mid-sized, slender, elegant, flexible and muscular.The siamese cats coat is short, brilliant, tender, tight to the body. Feet long and slender, posterior pair slightly longer, so the rear part of the back like a slightly raised. Tarsus small, narrow ring. The tail is straight, long (the longer the better) and a thin, starting with the base, tip pointed.

Head of siamese cats is proportional to the body

Skull in profile slightly curved downward. The ears are large and wide at the base is wide open. When the ears stand upright, their outer edge is a single straight line from the corner of siamese cats head, this line goes into a massive chin.

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