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Modern siamese cats nowadays

modern siamese cat

Anyone who knows siamese cats well, never want to have a cat of another breed

Siamese cats, despite its harsh and closed a few looks, very affectionate, tender, devoted. Some of them like the owner just did a dog. Siamese cat is trying to walk everywhere for the owner, rushes to protect when it seems that it hurt.
    About Siamese cats go a lot of legends: they say that they guarded treasures in the temple, standing among the jungle of Siam (former name of Thailand) that they were the only companions of games for the Siamese princes and princesses. Check out all these stories is not possible. Similarly, we only know that for the first time in Europe, the breed was shown at the cat show in London in 1884, the first pair, from whom the whole breed, was donated by the King of Siam to the memory of the British consul-general, who left the diplomatic service in Bangkok. The old naturalists who have visited in the last century in Southeast Asia, noted that all domestic cats are there blue eyes.
    But the modern Siamese cats - the product of long crosses with other breeds, mostly European. The most common varieties differ in color characteristic dark markings on the overall light background is usually light brown. so, the chocolate variety, these markings - "Mask" on the face, ears, paws and tail - a dark brown, with blue - blue-gray with a slight metallic tinge. The most common exterior sealskin, which these markings are black. Rare species - purple and red. At the first tip of the nose and paw pads faded lilac shade, the second - a pink nose, red paws and ears, and the fur is white with apricot hue. Obtained and colorful Siamese with tiger stripes on the mask and legs, and black. But for all of these options is characterized by broad, salient features of the breed. It's bright blue eyes, straight nose, forehead clearly continuing the line (enthusiastic fans say - "how on ancient Greek statues"), the triangular shape of the muzzle, wedge-shaped head is small compared to the long body size, large ears. Siamese cats body long and flexible, the hind legs slightly longer than the front. The tail is long, thin and straight, although a small curvature at the end is not considered a serious deviation from the breed standard. The defect is a squint, although it only enhances the overall "Oriental" flavor of the animal. The fur is dense, short, silky. Voice low, husky.
    Siamese cats are small in comparison with other species, this small. An adult male weighs no more than 3.5-4 pounds. Life expectancy, normal for cats - 15-20 years. Pregnancy lasts about 68 days - it's longer than other breeds. Kittens are born completely white, the characteristic dark markings appear later in 2.5-3 months. As a rule, only in this age, the owners decided to separate the kittens from the mother - they long remain weak and helpless.

Siamese cats breed is especially in need of quiet, careful attention, care.

Should not buy a Siamese, if you have naughty kids or guests on a daily basis are noisy or do you like to include their home radios too loudly. Where more than other cats, these refined aristocrats suffer from noise. Turmoil and unrest in the house of their hurt, and the animal, in turn, becomes intolerable for the hosts. But in good conditions, cats of this breed are intelligent, tractable and docile. Animal obediently, if you give him time to understand what was wanted of him. But if the Siamese cats to do something don't want - do not push, you just mess up her relationship.

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