Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Siamese Cats Wash Themselves ?

siamese cats
Why Siamese cats wash themselves? Cleanliness undoubtedly associates with siamese cats. In fact cats practically all the day long spent to what wash the paws, a muzzle, ears. Siamese cats with most accustom to it and the kittens. Only at a birth Siamese Cats lick the kittens and only because stimulate their breath, directing to dummies.

Most interesting it that everyone siamese cat washes by his style.

One cat to lick another begins herself with a muzzle, with tail, the third with claws. It is very interesting to observe as the Siamese Cats wash. It can do it during very long time, and not pay to the owner any attention. But hobbies сиасмкого a cat after careful washing this favourite delicacy.

  • Probably the first reason it certainly that the cat most stimulates with this structure, allocated sebum. Sebum - it is the substance which is serving to a leather by greasing, and for Siamese Cats it protects fur from a moisture.
  • The second reason it that licking itself, for a Siamese Cat a certain cosmetic procedure. The cat licks a dirt, deletes dead hair.
  • The third reason licking and washing of a cat adjusts a body temperature of Siamese Cats. Washing the Siamese cats can not only raise temperature of the body, but also cool. For certain many owners even did not guess it.
siamese cats
If at you in an apartment or the house there live some cats and you observe of how they lick each other, and so know it as a token of respect and love. Siamese Cats very much like to receive pleasures from licking and like to lick others.

Well and finally last reason for washing siamese cats is distraction, weariness or distress. For certain you noticed, that siamese cats when after long game or a good dinner starts itself to lick, sitting down in what that silent quiet seat. It is sometimes very important to your cat. Being in silent seat and licking itself, siamese cat calms down, relax and during washing it even has time for meditations and what acceptances or decisions.

Clean and true to you of Siamese Cats pupils! Love them And they always answer to you the same!

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