Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to bring a good siamese cats ?

siamese cats

Siamese cats are very special

Siamese cats may require much investment and effort on the that would raise siamese cats kind and gentle. But it's difficult to think only first glance, because the method of training a cat lover is simple enough for people whose heart is always open to love. And just for the Siamese cats, the most important role in his upbringing plays the love of his master and his devotion. What should be done that would raise siamese kittens gentle and kind? For something to siamese kitten loved you just need to always be with them as possible. In first month of life of the siamese cats shaped relationship to the owner and his first devotion, so pat her cats, put him to sleep with him in bed, and do not release him from a little step. Siamese cats should have a an early age to realize that his life and you are but you had no one else. Also at an early age with Siamese cats kittens should play a much larger, to develop It gaming experience and make it easy to relax. Only here did not cause major kitten harm, to do everything carefully and with love for Siamese cats.
siamese cats
siamese cats

Siamese cats - a contact animals.

And for them the important role played by the same touches. Most of his embrace siamese cats kitten, scrub it, keep the hands and pat, trust me on this kitten will be just nice and cozy. He must know that his love is like a child. Always coming home and leaving a siamese cats for a long time one, the first thing come look for it, cuddle, let them know that you miss, kiss him. It was at this point the siamese cats will feel like you need it, and that in this world he is not alone. After leaving the house, kitten may think that you can never not come. So how do you meet it, may be very important to him. If other than your siamese cats in your home as there are children, be sure to let them play. The more siasmky kitten spends with people and surrounded by people who want to play with him and cuddle him, the more it becomes tame.
More attention to the kotenku.Budte always kind and affectionate to him and he will always answer you the same. Take care and love your Siamese cats!

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