Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cat language or how to understand your Siamese cats ?

Surely everyone who deals with Siamese cats, there is a question in mind what's inside their private world? Can animals think, and if so, what thoughts go to them first?

How to determine what exactly want a Siamese cats and understand the mood of your favorite pet?

Siamese cats as well as any animals use a variety of ways to communicate with his master, and with his brethren. The first is of course a variety of sounds, usually arising from the concerns of your pet, with alertness, pain, dissatisfaction, as well as for other reasons. Also, the behavior of the Siamese cats is always possible to determine his mood, to demonstrate his posture and expression furry faces.

It is important to feel the Siamese cats, and to determine their mood and desire. As a rule, Siamese cats may issue up to 18 multiple and diverse sounds and they are divided into 3 groups: a vsemilyubimoe purring, hissing and meowing. It is for these sounds can be understood ssotoyanie your pet.

Siamese cats meow just in different ways, someone publishes a very bright and loud sounds, someone is almost inaudible, but someone just silent, opening his mouth, thus implying the owner about their desires.

Siamese cats are very fond of talking with the owner

Siamese cats are known for their talkativeness. And as experience shows they do it not loud, and not aggressively.You should always pay attention to the tail, it can show the expression of feelings and moods, the position of the ears as we know it also says about your Siamese cats eyes in humans and cats is a "mirror of the soul." Try to trace your Siamese cats and watch their behavior - so you can find your pet a lot closer.

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