Monday, June 13, 2011

Siamese cats do not cause major problems in nursing.

siamese cats
Luxurious appearance of Siamese cats, a mystical view of the heavenly eye, but still a good dozen or implausible stories, each of us in our heads ... It's no wonder that this breed have all but indifference. Siamese cats are very often considered by some unbalanced avengers, and when some people have such a description is repelled, then the other, extremists, in contrast, attracts. I must say that opinion is justified, but a bit outdated.

In the 1950-1960-s due to bad breeding work of aggressiveness in Siamese cats manifested clearly and often, but later the defect was successfully overcome. Modern cats have a very, very unusual disposition, however, they are quite likely to attack humans. They had a stormy temper, which manifests itself in everyday noisy games. Siamese cats as a contrast in color and in their moods. Only a minute ago, is to create as Schumacher was flying from room to room, and now it is, the gentle and sleepy, asks for your kindness. Very attached to his only master, they crave constant communication and poorly tolerated separation. If you are able to pay due attention to your pet, a Siamese cat you will certainly get smart and loyal friend. And extreme resourcefulness of Siamese cats and ease in training will please fans of the joint activity with animals.

Voice of Siamese cats have a very large amplitude intonations.And if a quiet purr like everything, then loud screams during the marriage searches can frighten you and your neighbors.
Siamese cats get along well with children, but can not tolerate other animals in the house, especially cats. Not surprisingly, they also need to be a center of human attention.

Their short, shiny coat does not require frequent combing, and they molt in the spring and autumn. They are very afraid of the water, so they should be bathed in an exceptional case, it is best to apply powder. Regarding cleanliness, the tray and bowls of cats especially scrupulous. To avoid problems with untidiness not be lazy to keep the "sacred" place for a cat in a perfect cleanliness.

Must also be aware that puberty in Siamese comes very quickly, somewhere in the fifth month of life. You do not have time to look around, your kitten will fill the apartment with piercing cries.Therefore it is better to determine in advance the decision of sexual problems.
Siamese cats are wonderful, willful, affectionate and simultaneously demand freedom from the owner a lot of patience and tact. But life together with these cats, as with any other, rich, active and rich in emotional terms.

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