Monday, February 20, 2012

Siamese cats new tips

Siamese cats, is that these cats - with age may darken in color.

siamese cats care
   There is reason to believe that this stems from the fact that the Siamese cats are in a cool room. It is based on the fact that as a result of low air temperature and exposure of the body siamese cat, a chemical reaction, is the impact on the wool. Therefore, you must make sure that pets were kept in dry and warm indoors. Avoid drafts, which can cause hypothermia animals, especially calves. During the offseason, when the flats are late with central heating, special houses or beds.

How to raise a good siamese cats kitty?

siamese cats
  To siamese cats kitten adored you need, even in infancy, as much as possible "play with him" - to twirl in your hands, pull behind him wherever he can, laying with him in bed to sleep and, in general, do not go away a single step. The siamese kitten must feel that without you he has no life. Do not be afraid that you will cause the kitten some harm.        Nothing has happened to him. The more frequent and more insistent you play and squeeze your siamese kitten (but only so that it was not painful or unpleasant!), The more he will love you. Think about it - because he knows no other life than the one that you'll show him.
   Who and where his mother? - You are his mom!
Who and where his dad? - You are his daddy!
   Someone to emulate? - You!
Who learns to live? - Only you!
   Well then you do not love ...
  Siamese Cats - a contact animals. Touch a lot of meaning for them! The more you keep on hand, to stroke and fondle your kitten, the more it will bind to you, the more protection you will feel it.
The special significance of this, if for a day the siamese kitten is alone at home. Animals are not able to foresee the future - every time you leave him alone, he thinks that it is forever. It does not matter - the month he or fifteen years. Every time siamese cats think that you leave it alone FOREVER!

Treat siamese cats with respect

siamese cats respect
  Pat siamese cats when she wants affection, and leave it alone when she wants to rest. Touch the cat gently. Your hand should glide in the direction in which lies the fur. Most siamese do not like rough caresses.
  If you are not sure what to do, let the cat itself to tell you about it. Pull the arm to the cat, but do not touch it. If it stays in place or retreat, leave her alone. If she reaches out to you and poke you nose, move your hand down her cheek, or top of your head. If the siamese cat turns on his back, be on your guard! Many cats will bite you and pretending to scratch the hind legs, if you scratch them body.Siamese Cats play well with each other and get great pleasure from this game, but man this game is not very good. In no case can not be beat, throwing a cat or any other way to hurt her. The only thing you can achieve in this way - the cat would you be afraid. Siamese Cats, which were raised with love and care, never teased, not throwing, and do not cause pain, usually feels calm in human hands. They do not know that people can hurt. They have never experienced this and can not even imagine it.
  Do not hold siamese cats by force if she wants to leave, and forbid children to do it. In my experience, Orientals can scratch a person only in two situations - if you hold a siamese cat by force, while she wants to leave, and if the cat is frightened, as a consequence loses control of himself and thinks only of self-defense. Avoid these situations, and your Siamese cats will never scratch you.