Friday, February 24, 2012

Siamese cats will love you every moment

For Siamese cats kittens - you must have the following items:
siamese cats grooming
-Feeding (before its acquisition talk to breeders, to what used to feed the kitten to a sharp transition to the other feed is not to call the kitten gastric disorders);
-Bowls for food and water;
-Siamese Cat tray and filler;
-Claws sharper;
-Bag for the transportation of the animal.
To transport a kitten from a breeder is best in a special bag-carrying, but in a pinch, fit and a bag with a rigid bottom and a zipper "zipper". However, carrying much more convenient and useful to you in the future - you certainly need to take a kitten, and then an adult animal in veterinaries to the vaccine to the country, etc.Siamese Cats should be transported only in well-sealed shipping bags, or in any way on his hands. Remember that a siamese cat - it's not a dog. On the street, in transportation siamese cats and often very frightened because of the stress behave poorly - scratch, bite, trying to escape. You will avoid many problems and hassle, if you always carry a siamese cats in a bag, only to carry.
Before you bring a kitten and decide where to eat, toilet and kogtetochki. Remember that siamese cats are accustomed not only to the tray, but also to the place where he stands. Therefore, immediately place the tray on the spot where you plan to keep him permanently. Kogtetochka must also be in a certain place, to be well fixed, and like a kitten. The siamese cat's already on your care, there are a few basic needs and those needs must be met to ensure that your cat healthy and happy. These requirements include good food, fresh water, comfortable shelter, exercise, regular brushing, professional veterinary care, and, of course, your love and attention. If at least one of these basic needs are not met, we can expect that your siamese cats will suffer physical and / or mental stress that will inevitably lead to illness or behavioral problems.
Just as parents are responsible for the health and welfare of the child as well and the owner of the siamese cat is responsible for its health and wellbeing. In general, for a siamese cats you should follow this good rule: for a cat to do the same thing you would do for her child. Although it is a pleasant responsibility, but at the same time serious.

Siamese cats grooming is combing - the most important step

This is necessary for each siamese - after all, licking tongue she swallows hair, and then formed a lump of hair and big problems with the stomach. Shorthair does not require daily brushing, but a weekly grooming will help maintain skin and fur siamese cats in good condition. Bathing - the only way to wash away the fat, skin separation, the dirt from the skin, it promotes the death of the old and the growth of new, vibrant hair. A siamese cat should not be washed often - just once in 3-4 months. To maintain the purity can be carried out dry cleaning using special powders and dry shampoos. Siamese cats (and especially in old age) is necessary to cut the claws - it is done with special scissors. Would be better if this procedure performed by an experienced specialist.

Adult siamese cats can not scream, it is impossible to beat and intimidate.

adult siamese cats
Siamese cats do not understand human words, and how much you would not reprimand your pet that you can not write here, it can not bite, but over there you can not go, he'll never understand, and if the reprimand will be placed also on a raised voice - frightened, bated fear and mistrust. Most often conflicts with a cat or a cat there in the toilet issue.

Siamese Cats are very clean and require the same of their owners.

Siamese cats litter should always be washed, or it must be pure filler. Most often, the kittens are already able to walk in a certain place, they learn that the mother and the new owners just need to show where the toilet. Do not be scared of the first "misses" by cuvettes - kitten is too busy learning a new world, can get lost, get lost and forget where the toilet. In no event do not need to grab him by the scruff, poking his nose into a puddle or a pile of screaming and threatening to drag the toilet: the kitten will not understand anything, just scared and could not tie his own with a puddle on the floor, namely the toilet, where its so rudely poked. Dip a piece of paper in a puddle, put it in siamese cats litter and put the kitten, he would guess about everything. The main thing is to do everything quietly, without yelling and anger. Often the siamese cats express their displeasure conduct master sudden abandonment of going to the toilet, begin to make their business anywhere, in the most unexpected and outrageous places. The owner must first understand yourself - if he does not offend the siamese cat, whether for toilet cleanliness, etc. Frequently wash your kitten, and adult cat, you can not: wash off the protective fatty layer of hair, wool, spoiled, and there is a risk of catching cold. Washing is necessary in case of extreme necessity, if the kitten is strongly make oneself dirty or fled into the street.siamese cats
Even if the siamese cats kitten does not go into the street, he can pick up fleas and ear mites, which "come" in our apartment on the shoe, dog paws, etc. After processing by appropriate means, the kitten, just in case need to get rid of worms. In general, to prevent the animal must be given anthelmintic twice a year, spring and autumn. If the siamese cats walk freely, then it is better to make the necessary vaccinations in veterinary clinic and put on collar.