Sunday, March 4, 2012

Siamese cats feature is their talkativeness

siamese cats
 Unlike other breeds, Siamese cats love to comment on all their actions, especially those related to food. Do not be surprised if you, the morning went to the kitchen, hear the hoarse moan of "give me more to eat"))). On the one hand, this may seem minus, but then again - how not to talk to the siamese cats. Moreover, we always want to talk to us, that we meet. Agree, when you say something a long time talking to the cat, but she looks at you with adoring eyes - this is not happiness. But when you're watching a cat in the eye and say "MYAUUUU," and she in response to you saying "meow meow meow" - wow! - It is nice. Siamochki, unlike the other cats will always communicate with you. Contrary to widespread rumors that Siamese cats are vicious and aggressive, they are very good with their masters and adore children. Siamese, unlike the Persians will not lie on the couch with a vacant look, thinking about eternity, at a time when you want it to play. At the same time, if you want to be alone, will never bother you with my presence. But as not to Siam to talk about life. Once again, you will not be left without an answer, if you talk to the cat, looking into her eyes.
     Perhaps only this feature is inherent and siamese cats. And the rest - it all depends on upbringing. And how to grow your kitty kind, gentle and friendly, you can read in the "Tips". But do not forget
that the earlier start raising a kitten, the greater the success you achieve. The best period is the period from one month to two (months before the kitten will bring up only professionals, but about how you will be able to do in case of need, I share the secrets of the "tips"). At this time, you can effortlessly raise a siamese cats kitten exactly the way you want it to be. From two to four months for the same result you will have a little more effort. Over five months - can the leopard change his spots. You can not buy a kitten at this age. It would not be your siamese kitten. He will live his life, and you will be only part of it.

How to feed siamese cats from 1 to 2 weeks ?

siamese kittens
Repeat the same operation, but instead use the insulin syringe pipette, which can be put in place a cap on pipette tip cut off a small syringe. Milk can not be diluted with water, but we need to focus on something, like a siamese cats cocoa. If you are experiencing constipation, ie kitten scat over a 4-6 hours, the milk must be diluted again, because constipation occur from too fat milk. You can feed the kitten and baby food. Her kittens when siamese cats do not have enough milk, at this age, we fed conventional infant formula (the best of NAS). The volume of feed increases, the frequency drops to 5-6 times per day. Night - a break. True if the siamese cats are still cry at night - should feed them.